Covent Garden

Management & Implementation

The management of Central Covent Garden as set out in the section Existing Responsibilities is currently too complex and has not been successful in achieving sustained quality. This section comprises a Street Audit of problems that can be addressed, immediately identifying what is necessary and who is responsible today. This initiative will bring major short term benefits. In addition, our proposal for a Covent Garden Team within the City of Westminster will bring together all that council’s statutory responsibilities in a focused way. Nationally, town centre teams and Town Centre Management has been proved successful in achieving high quality and a sense of renewed purpose. In the medium and long term we believe that this report provides practical guidance in the achievement of major improvements in the study area. To ensure that they come about, the steering group for this study should have a continuing life to agree and supervise progress. The group could agree and act on the following review systems:

1. A mechanism for preparing the form of street (and building) audit set out in this section, at regular intervals, until all matters are completed.

2. A similar mechanism of continuing inspections on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to identify management matters, security problems, rubbish collection, maintenance or other street or building failures for transfer to an action list. These inspections should be based on a series of staff checklists.

3. Upon expiry of the current Onyx cleansing contract with Westminster it could be theoretically possible for Guardian Properties to expand its management roles on an agency basis. An agreement would be required on extra costs with the City Council. Improved coordination should start with the cleansing, litter collection and maintenance functions of the whole Piazza area up to the building frontages. If successful it should then be spread to all the approach streets under traffic management, up to the edge of any barrier controlled zone.

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